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About the Art

The computer-generated images, serigraphs and paintings of Arnold Goldberg are visually and intellectually engaging works of art. The work is the result of a systematic investigation of color and its potential to create the illusion of space, light and volume. By thoughtful examination and juxtaposition of the properties of color – hue, value, chroma – in geometric form, Goldberg creates a tension between spatial illusion and surface pattern. The viewer identifies optical changes as shifts in form, thus causing the appearance of spatial movement in the work.

The artist demonstrates a concern for the quality of our experience by filling our vision with the joyful and thoughtful implications of his work. The studied relationship of the forms in which the artist deals with color, gives the work its sense of structure and weight. The sense of solid form, which is so elusive, adds a third dimension to the patterned surface. The mathematical progression of shapes further enhances the perception of space.


Color is the most enjoyable and emotional form of light. As light reveals color to us, so color evokes mood within us. The selection and limitation of color in individual works show the artist’s sensitivity to his subject. Such discrimination suggests that his concern with color is not merely an intellectual exercise with the properties of color that imply plastic space, but also an exploration of the emotional character of color. In these works we sense the range of color to illuminate space and determine mood. Goldberg’s study of color ranges from the sublime to the subliminal; he is preoccupied with the drama and nuance which color can reveal.


Color is the form, shape and content of Arnold Goldberg’s imagery. His work forms a series of original statements that are quite literally a confrontation with the reality of color in its profusion and glamour. That it can be both decorative and provocative adds to the richness of his work.

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